Fall 2023 Updates

MY Recycle Bin

Kaltura finally brings you a recycle bin to recover media assets you may have accidentally deleted. My Recycle Bin is available in My Media in Canvas and MediaSpace. Items in your recycle bin will be kept for 30 days before being deleted entirely.


My Recycle Bin in MediaSpace:

My Recycle Bin in Canvas:


A new menu item is now available in My Media in Canvas and MediaSpace. My Analytics will give you access to usage data for all your media in one convenient location.

My Analytics in MediaSpace:

My Analytics in Canvas:

Easier Publishing in MediaSpace

When publishing your videos in MediaSpace, you'll now only have one category available, "Public", streamlining the publishing process and eliminating confusion.



Fall 2021 Updates

We've been working hard over the summer to add more consistency across the various media players in Kaltura. Here is a summary of the changes with details below.

  • We've added the ability for users to turn a text file into captions for videos
  • We've added new player options for video, audio and image content
  • We've adjusted Main Player embed code to remove unintended white space and to adjust player sizes to more standard sizes
  • We've enabled file attachment functionality on all video players. Users can now attach a file to the video that can be downloaded by viewers
  • We've fixed an issue where the playback rate selector was not available when videos were watched on iOS or Android devices

Converting transcriptions into captions

Users can now take a transcription file and upload to Kaltura to automatically convert the transcript into video captions. Learn more about converting transcripts into captions.

New Media Players

New media players (marked with an asterisk) have been created and added to the possible embed options in Canvas. Users can select from the various options by clicking the Gear button when embedding Kaltura media in Canvas. Here is the full list of media players now available in Kaltura.

Video Players

  • Main Player (default)
  • Main Player with download button for viewers
  • Horizontal Playlist Player*
  • Horizontal Playlist Player with download button for viewers*

Audio Players

  • Audio Player (default)
  • Audio Player with download button for viewers

Image Players

  • Image Player (default)*

Main Player updates

We've removed extra white space from below the Main Player and updated player sizes. Users can now select from a small (320x214), medium (480x304), or large (640x394) player. Full screen mode remains available on all size options.

File Attachment to Videos

Kaltura users can now attach files to videos stored in their My Media collections.

These files become available for download to anyone watching the video by clicking the Paper Clip icon on the player control bar.

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