Fall 2019

New Interactive Video Quiz Features

  • Allow multiple quiz attempts (keep the highest or latest)
  • Reset quiz / delete previously submitted answers
  • New "open text" quiz question

Caption Editor

The Kaltura captions editor has been enhanced and improved, giving you more flexibility to edit the captions in your video - or add new captions.

Hot Spots

Hot spots in a Kaltura video will allow you to draw a box at a select point in your video which can then be linked to an external website. You can access the Hot Spot function through the Kaltura editor.

User Groups

We are launching user groups in Kaltura. This will allow you to share content ownership - and other permissions, such as editor and publisher privileges - with other ONID users. OSU's Kaltura administrator can help you create and manage your user group.

Analytics for Embedded Kaltura Content in Canvas

If you embed Kaltura content in Canvas using the Kaltura button (the filmstrip icon) in the Canvas editor toolbar, analytics for that content are tracked accurately. Consider using this method of embedding your Kaltura content into Canvas.

Zoom Integration

By default, all recordings made in Zoom automatically migrate into your ONID account in Kaltura. You'll find them in "My Media" in Canvas and MediaSpace. Should you use the automatic transcription feature in Zoom, you will also find that those transcripts will automatically populate as captions for your recording in Kaltura.

Spring 2019

Webcam Recorder

The new webcam recorder enables users to record video from your Mac or Windows computer's webcam without downloading and installing software, and without the need for Flash. Those recordings can then be downloaded to your computer's hard drive or uploaded directly to Kaltura. To launch the new webcam recorder, choose Add New > Webcam Recording from My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace.

Summer 2018


Kaltura has launched a new and improved screen and webcam recording tool called Kaltura Capture that will be replacing Kaltura CaptureSpace. This tool will allow you to make quick and easy audio recordings, webcam recordings, and screen recordings on Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. To install the new Capture software, choose Add New > Recording Tools / Capture from My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace and follow the instructions on the screen. Kaltura CaptureSpace will be retired at the end of 2018.

Winter 2018

New Kaltura Editor

The new Kaltura Editor is available immediately in MediaSpace and Canvas. To access it, click on the "Launch Editor" button next to your media on your media's edit page. The new Kaltura Editor removes any last remnants of Flash from the Kaltura platform. The functionality is fully HTML-based, which means it'll work on both desktop and mobile platforms. This also means that the Kaltura Editor now has keyboard accessibility functionality. Built into the new Kaltura Editor, you will also find the new Interactive Video Quizzing editor. The new Kaltura Editor will have all the same functionality as the old editor, but new features will be introduced into the tool gradually by Kaltura.

New Download Options

When enabling the download of your media, content owners will find that their options have changed. Previously, when choosing Edit > Downloads, the "Available Formats" were "HD", "SD", and "Original". This was in spite of the fact that a "HD" copy was not always available. These settings will change to "High Quality" (the former "Original"), "Low Quality" (the former "SD"), and "Audio", an audio-only version of your media.

Embed Code in Canvas

From the very start, content owners have been able to obtain HTML embed code for their own media by clicking the Share button under their video in MediaSpace. But that function has always been missing in Canvas... until now. When clicking the Share button underneath your media in Canvas - in either My Media or Media Gallery - you'll find an Embed option which HTML code which you can copy and paste into any HTML page.

MediaSpace "V2"

MediaSpace is getting a face lift. The new OSU branding will be applied to MediaSpace, and the look and design will be streamlined. All your features will still be there. There will be no changes to how Kaltura integrates with Canvas.

Retiring the Webcam Recorder

For years, the browser-based webcam recorder in Canvas and MediaSpace - accessible through "Add New > Webcam Recording" - has been a familiar function in Kaltura. But this tool is going away. It is Flash based, and browsers are dropping their support for Flash. And Adobe is also abandoning the development of Flash. A number of other tools exist to perform recordings. MacOS and Windows 10 both have built-in camera tools. And mobile users already know how to record from their phones and cameras. Kaltura CaptureSpace is also available for all MacOS and Windows users at Oregon State.

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