Top Hat is OSU’s centrally supported Student Response System. Top Hat’s design is based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA and Section 508 standards.

Accessible Content

The general guidelines for creating accessible Top Hat content are the same as for other online content. Top Hat’s content editor has tools to help you ensure that tables, images and formatting in your Top Hat course are accessible.

If you upload files to Top Hat (Word documents, PDF’s, spreadsheets), make sure they are created following accessibility guidelines. WebAIM provides information for adding structure to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files:

If you have multimedia content in your Top Hat course, you may want to review information on the Accessibility and Media webpage.

Presenting Content in Class

Consider the diversity of students in the classroom and take steps to reduce some of the barriers students may encounter if seeing or hearing content may be difficult.

Enabling Live Transcriptions when presenting through Zoom provides multiple methods for students to take in the information. Providing alternative methods for engaging with content is a core principle in the Universal Design of Learning.

When incorporating live quizzes or polls during class sessions, clearly reading the question and possible answer choices out loud to students will help ensure enough time has been given to allow students to understand and consider the question and possible answers.

If you have a student with a DAS accommodation for extra time, extra time needs given to the DAS student in a manner that will not identify the DAS student to the class. Please reach out to DAS for more information on how to give live quizzes and polls without disclosing DAS student information.

General Accommodations for Top Hat

Some students may need accommodations in various activities, either due to technical issues, disability needs or other circumstances. Consider alternative submissions for students who cannot participate live in Top Hat.

Other Top Hat Resources