Publishers and Canvas

Several major textbook publishers are integrated with Canvas at OSU. Integrations make it easy for students and instructors to access publisher materials from within Canvas. In some cases, grades can be synched from publisher homework and assignments to the Canvas gradebook.

There are a few things to note about publisher integrations in Canvas:

  • Each publisher has a unique integration; they don’t all offer the same functionality
  • The integrations are for specific products (e.g., MyLabs/Mastering, for Pearson)
  • Each publisher has their own technical support teams and resources for students and instructors. We recommend that you connect with a publisher representative before using publisher content.
  • If you are having problems with publisher content or assignments, start by contacting the publisher's tech support team. We are available to help facilitate communications if publisher representatives are unresponsive.

The following publishers are integrated with Canvas: