Duo is coming for students!

Duo two-step login will become mandatory for all students during this upcoming fall and winter term. Mandatory dates start in late-October and continue until mid-February. Please remind your students that if not enrolled by their mandatory date, they will lose access to OSU services. You can learn more about Duo at beav.es/duo.

Canvas Updates

New Gradebook

Canvas has deployed a New Gradebook with some great new features. The New Gradebook will replace the old gradebook in Fall 2019.

New Course Merge Tool

Instructors that are teaching multiple sections of the same course in the same term can use the new Course Merge tool to merge the various sections into a single Canvas course to reduce the time spent managing course content across sections in Canvas.

Academic Technology Fall Webinars

Register now for any of our fall webinars to learn about core and updated features in Canvas, Gradescope, Top Hat, and Kaltura.

Canvas Academy

Are you looking for some core Canvas training or refresher course that you can complete at your own pace and on your own time? Consider requesting to participate in the online, self-paced Canvas Academy. Join as an individual or as a group of colleagues. Contact us for more information or to request in-person trainings for your unit.

Coming Soon: New Quiz Creation Tool

Canvas is developing a new quiz creation tool which will eventually replace the old Quizzes tool. This new quizzing tool is not currently available in for-credit Canvas courses, but users can start experimenting with the tool in a Canvas Studio site. Learn more about the New Quizzes tool or review some frequently asked questions about the New Quizzes tool.

Gradescope Updates

Gradescope is a suite of tools designed to make grading of hand-written student work and computer coding assignments more consistent, fair, and efficient.

  • Teams of instructors and GTAs can grade scanned exams asynchronously, with or without rubrics
  • One instructor can grade the same question in all exams, across all sections of a course, (and modify the scores for multiple exams simultaneously)
  • A faculty member may review all grading by a single TA and quickly make adjustments
  • Graders can re-use comments/feedback in multiple exams (or modify for individual students)
  • Gradescope also allows instructors to incorporate auto-graded bubble sheet and other short-answer question types in their exams and assignments
  • The analytics provide both summary statistics and detailed item analysis
  • Participate in or view recorded Gradescope webinars

Upcoming Features

Preview New Canvas Features on Instructure's website: what's in development and what has been recently released.

Requests for Canvas

Did you ever wish Canvas did XYZ? Or wonder why in the world it doesn’t do ABC? Instructure has an online Canvas community for users to submit ideas, with a defined voting process. The OSU Canvas team will submit a request for you (we start by checking if anyone has already submitted a similar request). Just send us an email: Canvas@oregonstate.edu

If there’s a tool or system you’d like to integrate with Canvas, the Learn@OregonState Advisory Committee meets regularly to review requests. We evaluate proposed integrations for any impact to contracts, data security, accessibility and user training and support. You may download a tool request form, describe your request, and submit it to Canvas@oregonstate.edu

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