Learn@OregonState's mission is to provide a web-based learning ecosystem to instructors and learners that aids, in conjunction with traditional methods, the achievement of one's teaching and learning outcomes.


Learn@OregonState's vision is to continue to provide a standards-based learning ecosystem to learners and instructors that remains fresh, relevant, and innovative through testing and data analytics. Through a long-term standards based approach to education, Learn@OregonState aims to gather and analyze information from the ecosystem, instructors, and learners, in order to constantly mold a more effective path toward one's learning outcomes. Additionally, Learn@OregonState is dedicated to enriching the lives of not only learners directly affiliated with the university, but with all of Oregon's citizens, by opening access to tools and learning.

What is Learn@OregonState?

Learn@OregonState is an ecosystem of interoperable web-based tools, including Canvas, Kaltura, Gradescope, Top Hat, Turnitin, and publisher integrations, which instructors and learners can use to achieve their learning objectives.

What is a Learning Ecosystem?

Oregon State's learning ecosystem consists of an array of online teaching and learning web-based applications offered in a succinct, single platform, which are easy to access, easy to use, and allow instructors to help a diverse range of learners achieve their learning outcomes.