If Canvas or any of the services integrated with it are unavailable, we report it here. This can help Canvas users determine if there was a system-level issue that prevented students from accessing or submitting resources on Canvas.

July 7, 2020:

Canvas, Disruption of Service. Canvas had an outage from 11:40 am to 12:20 pm. PDT. When accessing Canvas, users were seeing an error indicating the "site cannot be reached." While a fix was applied at approximately 11:50 am, it may have taken up to 30 minutes for some computers and routers to refresh and regain access to Canvas.

November 6, 2019:

Canvas had a service outage from 5:15 pm to 5:44 pm. Instructure reported the outage was caused by an update they were deploying, and communicated at 5:58 pm that it was resolved.

September 26, 2017:

Canvas, Disruption of Service for instructors and Banner TA's of cross-listed and combined courses. From approximately 12:45-2:56 pm instructors and Banner TA's were unenrolled from cross-listed and combined course sites. Access was restored after running an update to re-enroll those users. This issue was limited to OSU.

August 10th, 2017:

Canvas, Disruption of Service. Canvas was down from approximately 8:48 - 9:13 am for a number of institutions who use Canvas. The issue was caused by a recent update that was rolled back to restore user access to Canvas. All services were restored as of 9:13 am.

May 10th, 2017:

Kaltura, Disruption of Service. At approximately 9:20 this morning, Information Services became aware of an interruption in service with Kaltura, our cloud media hosting provider. At 9:40, the situation appears to have resolved itself.
The disruption impacted:
- Canvas video/media
- Live streaming (live.oregonstate.edu and webcams)
- Media.oregonstate.edu
This incident was not unique to OSU; other Kaltura clients on the West coast were also impacted by the disruption in service.