Proctorio provides greater integrity for online exams given through Canvas quizzes. Faculty can choose to enable one or more settings to:

  • Verify a student's identity for remote exams
  • Record the student's screen, webcam, audio, and web traffic during the exam
  • Lock down the browser window to prevent access to other resources on the device

Both faculty and students will need to install and use the Proctorio extension in a supported browser in order to interact with Proctorio in Canvas.

It is highly recommended that faculty create a no- or low-stakes 'practice quiz' with Proctorio enabled that has no availability dates and allows for multiple attempts. This will allow students to become familiar with how Proctorio works on their computer so they can resolve any technical issues prior to the real exam in the course.

Proctorio use is best limited to higher-stakes assessments in which proctoring is felt to be essential to support academic integrity. Frequent, low-stakes assessments, such as weekly quizzes, are a valuable part of a course assessment plan. However, requiring Proctorio may present an unnecessary barrier for students on low-stakes assessments.

Proctorio Requirements and Limitations

  • Faculty using Protorio for a classroom-based course will need to submit a request (OSU login required) to have Proctorio added to their Canvas course site.
  • For any faculty planning to use Proctorio, the course site and Schedule of Classes (prior to registration opening) must include the following statement “This course requires online proctored testing, which may include testing fees and the use of security measures, such as a scan of your testing environment. Please carefully review online proctor test information at:” 
  • Proctorio is only available for Canvas quizzes.
    • File Upload questions should not be used for technical reasons.
    • Students will have limited ability to enter mathematical or chemical equations. If the answer cannot be entered using simple keyboard strokes, consider removing or altering the question.
  • You should communicate Proctorio technical requirements and the exam workflow to your students. Providing a Proctorio 'practice quiz' is highly recommended.
  • If your exam makes use of additional resources e.g., an open-book exam or a notes pages, Proctorio functionality will be limited and may not provide enough benefit to outweigh the technical barrier it presents to students.
  • Since not all students have webcams or microphones on their personal devices, you should consider alternative exam formats for students who cannot take a Proctorio-enabled Canvas quiz.
  • Be prepared to work with Disability Access Services on accommodations for students who may not be able to test in Proctorio. 

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