Automated Proctorio

Automated Proctorio is an online proctoring system that monitors the student’s environment during an online, Canvas-based assessment to help ensure exam integrity. It does not work for all exam types and it also has limitations in accuracy. Instructors must carefully review Proctorio flags, which can only indicate the possibility of academic misconduct.  

It is important to note that automated Proctorio can only be used in Canvas exams, and the exams must meet a list of criteria. Although there is no cost for students to use Proctorio, they will need to meet technical requirements to use it. If you are teaching an Ecampus course, please see additional information on the Ecampus faculty website to get started. For all other courses, due to set-up requirements in using automated Proctorio and to address any potential accessibility concerns, please review answers to frequently asked questions and requirements and limitations of Proctorio before submitting a request to have Proctorio added to your Canvas course site. Requests must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the exam date.

People-Powered Proctoring

With the return to on-campus classes in fall term, People Power Proctoring has been retired.

Additional Resources

As additional background, over the summer a group of colleagues from across Oregon State University (Center for Teaching and Learning, College of Science, Ecampus, Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards, Office of the Registrar, and UIT-Academic Technology) formed a special project team to research and summarize details in three areas: Proctorio and academic integrity; Proctorio settings for exam scenarios; alternatives approaches to using paper and technology to assess problem-solving skills. 

The Special Project team concluded the project with reports that have been useful for further evaluation and research. OSU will continue to investigate future developments of various proctoring technologies, and engage in broad discussions across the academic community.  The reports have been shared for your review (OSU Box login required).