Learn@OregonState is a dynamic teaching and learning platform that will add and change applications over time to remain aligned and responsive to the needs and goals of the campus community. The following process is defined to support a seamless and successful introduction of a new application into the Learn@OregonState ecosystem. This process addresses requests to integrate an application already in use at OSU, as well as requests for a new system or service from the campus community. 

To get started on the evaluation process for an application or integration, OSU community members may download and fill in a request form and submit it to Learn@OregonState.edu

 The evaluation process includes the following steps:

1. Product Justification - Validate campus need and product’s ability to meet criteria by identifying the following:

  • What is the need or problem to be addressed?
  • How does the product meet this need?
  • Is a similar product already in use on campus?
  • What is the scale of impact to departments, programs, colleges
      • Benefit to students
      • Benefit to instructors, staff, and others

2. Learn@OregonState integration criteria to consider in selection

  • Does the product offer:
    • LTI integration with Canvas
    • Tier 1 and 2 support options
    • Defined learning analytics
    • Active user community
    • Forward thinking road map

3. Campus evaluations and reviews required prior to integration

  • Data security analysis (includes FERPA review)
  • Accessibility review
  • Contracts office review
  • Technical pilot to test impact of integration (level of effort/complexity to deploy and maintain)

4. Support expectations

  • Funding source for purchase and ongoing license costs
  • Tier 1, 2 and 3 support defined and identified.
  • Impact on technical support units defined and secured
  • Faculty and student support resources defined
  • Service evaluation and assessment plan
  • OSU Product Manager identified and assigned to serve as liaison with vendor and support the needs interests of OSU users