Top Hat   

As of fall term 2018, OSU transitioned from Turning Technologies to Top Hat as our centrally supported student response system. Adoption has been strong, nearly 90 instructors and 8,000 OSU students used Top Hat in one or more courses in fall term.

  • Save the date on Friday February 8 at 11 am in Kidder 202 for a panel discussion on how OSU instructors are using Top Hat for active learning, and how they are managing personal devices in the classroom. Questions and healthy skepticism are invited. Refreshments will be served. The session will be available via WebEx and will be recorded. RSVP here.   
  • Email if you’re interested in getting started with Top Hat. 


Looking to do more with your videos? Check out Kaltura’s features and functionality for working with videos! 

  • Capture – the new recording tool replacing CaptureSpace
  • Video editing tools – trim, clip, split, splice, and fade
  • Add captioning to your videos
  • Embed videos in Canvas or on the web
  • More Kaltura Resources


X or C Sites?

If you have ‘extra’ Canvas course sites, or want to know what the X’s and C’s mean, take a look at our online guide

Analytics Beta   

The new Analytics Beta tool in Canvas gives faculty more options to identify and message individual or groups of students who are struggling in a Canvas course. Here are a few things instructors can do: 

  • Message groups of students based on their current course grade percentages. 
  • View class performance data for each assignment. 
  • Compare section performance or individual student performance relative to class averages. 
  • Filter class performance based on assignment types, e.g. assignments, quizzes, or discussions. 

Instructors can enable “Analytics Beta” in the course menu to explore the new functionality and give Canvas feedback on what you’d like to see in the tool (the menu link is not visible to students).   

Dashboard Cards   

Students and instructors can now re-arrange course cards on their Canvas Dashboard. This functionality is added to the current abilities to favorite/unfavorite course, and nickname courses. Learn more about managing your Canvas Dashboard!  


Gradescope is a suite of tools designed to make grading more consistent, fair, and efficient. Teams can grade scanned exams asynchronously, with or without rubrics; one instructor can grade the same question in all exams (and modify grades for multiple exams simultaneously); a faculty member may review all grading by a single TA and quickly make adjustments; graders can re-use comments/feedback in multiple exams (or modify for individual students). Gradescope also allows instructors to incorporate auto-graded bubble-sheet questions in their exams and assignments; the analytics provide both summary statistics and detailed item analysis. Watch a recorded Gradescope webinar given by Math faculty here at OSU. 

Instructional Technology Speed Dating   

Save the date! On Friday March 8, Academic Technology will offer a lively, interactive event for instructors to get a sneak peek at a variety of tools and technology. It will be held from approximately 11:30-1 pm; location TBD. Refreshments included! RSVP for the event if you are interested in participating, and stay tuned for more details.

Looking to assign multimedia projects in your classes? Let SMS help!

Student Multimedia Services (SMS), located in 2035 the Valley Library, provides multimedia facilities, equipment, and technical support for students who wish to produce and/or present their academic work in audio-visual format. 

  • SMS has an open lab space where individuals and small groups can work together and receive hands-on assistance. 
  • SMS has multiple spaces for audio-, video-, and photo-capturing, as well as for presentation practice and defense. 
  • SMS offers FREE poster printing for academic course assignments and student research symposiums. 
  • SMS offers access to a poster display system for gatherings/meetings/symposiums. 
  • SMS offers training on various multimedia tools AND the latest techniques for producing modern, multimedia-based presentations.  

More resources on our SMS Web page  

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