Instructors with combined or crosslisted courses in Canvas have new features in Canvas. Here are a handful:

  • View which section of the course a student is enrolled in. For instance, faculty with a crosslisted course can see on the People page and in the Gradebook whether a student is in the undergraduate 400-level section or the 500-level section. The section name displays the student's actual section information, followed by the combined/crosslisted Canvas course section name. Previously, only the combined/crosslisted Canvas course section name was listed.
  • Assign differential due dates to individual sections. This is similar to assigning due dates to individual students; the course sections now appear in the “Assign To” field on Canvas assignments, quizzes and discussions. Read more about differential due dates on Canvas Guides.
  • Filter the Canvas gradebook and SpeedGrader by Sections.
  • Send messages and announcements to specific sections.
  • Limit TA, CanvasTA, and Grader views to specific sections.

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