When a course is listed under two different names, e.g. listed as both an undergraduate version and a graduate version OR listed under different designators, it is a crosslisted course. In other words, if the two versions of the course are taught at the same time and place, they should be crosslisted. In order for a course to be technically crosslisted, the crosslist designation must be set in Banner by the Registrar's Office. Once the courses are crosslisted in Banner, a crosslisted course site will appear in Canvas. The crosslisted course will have the same Canvas course code as one of the original sections with the exception of the addition of an "X" to the front of the section number.

If you are teaching or co-teaching multiple sections of the same course, you can use the Course Merge tool in Canvas to create a single merged Canvas course with the multiple sections contained within the course. The tool can be used to merge multiple Ecampus sections together, or to merge multiple on-campus sections together. Ecampus sections cannot be merged with on-campus sections.

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