NOTE: Kaltura CaptureSpace is being retired at the end of 2018. It is being replaced with Kaltura Capture. Find out how to use Kaltura Capture here.

Kaltura's CaptureSpace Recorder is a full suite of recording tools for your Windows and MacOS computer. CaptureSpace gives you a range of recording options, from plain voice recordings, to webcam recordings, screen recordings, and presentation recordings. The distinction between a screen recording and a presentation recording is that a screen recording will capture anything on the selected screen you've chosen to record - or the portion of that screen you've selected to record. It is a full-motion recording tool which will capture whatever happens on the screen, including mouse movements, animations and transitions in your presentations, and even videos that you play back. The screen recording tool also has basic drawing tools. Presentation recording will capture a PowerPoint presentation as it happens. It is not a full-motion recording tool. It does not capture animations, transitions, or mouse movements. Instead, it takes a single still screenshot of each slide as you advance through your presentation and reads all the text in your presentation. Combined, these screenshots and text turn your recording into an indexed, searchable video. Viewers of these presentation recordings can search the video and jump directly to specific slides. This functionality is not available by default in screen recordings.

Once you've installed CaptureSpace, you can run the software as follows:

  • Visit My Media in either MediaSpace or Canvas
  • Click "Add New"
  • Choose "Recording Tools"
  • Add New > Recording Tools
  • You will be presented with a disclaimer related to Oregon State University's policies
  • Check the box labeled "I agree to the above terms and conditions" to indicate that you will abide by these policies
  • CaptureSpace will open on your computer