Kaltura is fully integrated into Canvas. Media a user has previously uploaded through MediaSpace is available under "My Media" in Canvas and, conversely, any media that a user uploads through Canvas will be available to them in under "My Media" in MediaSpace. "My Media" reflects a user's own media content, regardless of what publishing settings have been set for each item in that collection. Each user will see a different collection of content under "My Media" in Canvas as they're looking at their own content and not another person's. Two primary options exist for a user to share their media in Canvas. Those options include:

  • Media Gallery: A teacher or student can publish media to the collective repository for a course, the Media Gallery. Unless the media already carries different publishing settings, publishing content to the Media Gallery guarantees that that media will be accessible only to those who are currently enrolled in the course. Refer to the "How do I add media to my course's Media Gallery?" FAQ for detailed instructions.
  • In-line Embedding: In parts of Canvas where the editor toolbar is available, a video button in the toolbar allows you to select content from My Media and embed it directly into content, such as a Page or Announcement. Refer to the "How do I embed media into a Canvas entry?" FAQ for detailed instructions.

Both options collect analytics on the usage of your media content within the course, which can be accessed via Media Gallery > Actions > Analytics.