Kaltura MediaSpace makes it possible for you to publish your content publicly for everyone to see without having to login. Until you publish your video, distributing a link to that video will result in an "Access Denied" error for anyone who follows the link. To help drive viewers to your video, it's important to make your video as "discoverable" as possible. A proper title, description, and metatags will help in search results for external search engines as well as internal searches through Kaltura MediaSpace. Content that has been captioned will also have its transcription text searched when using the Kaltura MediaSpace search. If your users aren't finding your content, make sure you have important elements included in your media's data, such as the name of the speaker, the topic of the presentation, and relevant keywords. To make your media public:

  • Visit My Media in MediaSpace
  • Click on the media you'd like to make public
  • Select Publish from the Actions menu underneath the media
  • Choose Published
  • Select one or more categories into which to sort your media from the Publish in Categories tab