You must create a Channel or be granted permission from a Channel manager in order to submit content to a Channel. Furthermore, you may only submit content that you own to a Channel. You may add content to a Channel in one of two ways. Either from the Channel's page or from the media's page.

From the Channel's page:

  • Visit My Channels in MediaSpace
  • Select the Channel to which you'd like to add your media
  • Click + Add Media
  • Select a piece of content from the collection of content that you own
  • If you have not yet uploaded your content, you will have the opportunity to do so here
  • Click Add

From your media's page:

  • Visit My Media in MediaSpace
  • Click on the media you'd like to add to the Channel
  • Select Publish from the Actions menu underneath the media
  • Choose Published
  • Choose the Publish in Channel tab
  • You will be presented with a list of Channels to which you may submit content
  • Check the box for the desired Channel or Channels
  • Click Save