Each Canvas user at Oregon State has their ONID email address set as their default Canvas email address. Your ONID email address is created from your ONID username, i.e. ONIDusername@oregonstate.edu. The ONID email address cannot be removed from Canvas, however it is possible to add other email addresses to Canvas and turn off or adjust settings to prevent or minimize Canvas notifications to your ONID email address. If you are a faculty or staff employee at Oregon State, we highly recommend that you add your employee email address (e.g. firstname.lastname@oregonstate.edu) to Canvas.

Adding Alternative Email Addresses to Canvas

  1. Click the Account button in the top left corner of the main Canvas menu
  2. Click Settings from the fly-out menu that appears
  3. Click + Email Address in the menu on the right side of the account settings page
  4. Enter your alternative email address into the Email Address field
  5. Click Register Email. A pop-out notification should appear directing you to check your alternative email inbox.
  6. Open your alternative email inbox and locate the confirmation email from "Learn@OregonState" notifications@instructure.com
  7. Open the email and click the link within the email with the text "Click here to confirm this registration"
  8. Return to your Canvas account settings page and verify that your email address text color has changed from orange to black - this indicates your email address has been confirmed

Adjusting Which Email Receives Canvas Notifications

  1. Click the Account button in the top left corner of the main Canvas menu
  2. Click Notifications from the fly-out menu that appears
  3. Adjust the frequency of notifications being sent to each confirmed email address in your Canvas account