General Canvas Updates

Canvas has released new functionality that is now available at Oregon State University including an Icon Maker and the ability to apply a score to all ungraded work in a course.

Icon Maker in the Rich Content Editor

Users can now create icons within their courses to quickly add some consistent visual elements to their course content. Please consider image accessibility when creating and adding icons to your course. Learn more about Accessibility and Canvas.

Apply Score to Ungraded Assignments

Instructors can now apply a score to ungraded submissions on all assignments within a Canvas course. This new functionality expands the instructor tool box for managing scores for missing work:

OSU Add TA... Tool Update

The OSU Add TA... tool has been updated to improve the user experience. These changes include displaying all people added through the tool on a single page and allowing instructors to sort by user or sort by section when removing people with the tool.

Kaltura Integration Update

The Kaltura integration in Canvas has been updated to improve tool privacy and security. Some tool locations and icons have also changed with this update:

  • My Media is now located in the Canvas Global Navigation menu. It was previously located in the Course Navigation menu.
  • The Embed My Media icon in the Rich Content Editor is now a black and white filmstrip. It was previously a green filmstrip icon.

Gradescope Integration Update

The Gradescope integration in Canvas has been updated to improve tool privacy and security. Additionally, faculty will be able to deep-link Gradescope assignments with Canvas. Learn more about changes with this Gradescope update.

Teams Integration with Canvas

If you would like to use Teams Chat and Channel functionality with your Canvas site, you can now create a Microsoft team directly from Canvas which will automatically populate people into your team from your Canvas course roster. Learn more about creating a linked team from Canvas.

Top Hat Update

Top Hat courses created prior to January 1, 2019 were archived on 9/1/2022 in order to reduce clutter and improve platform performance. Contact the Top Hat Support Team to retrieve course content if needed.

Valley Library Permalink Changes

The OSU Valley Library has made changes to university-generated permalinks. If you have used a permalink for OSU Valley Library resources in your Canvas sites, you will need to update your permalinks with the new permalink format. The OSU Valley Library has provided detailed instructions for updating permalinks. Faculty can also use the Link Validator tool in Canvas to help locate broken links in their courses.

Ally Accessibility

Ally accessibility tools are available in Canvas to help faculty locate and fix accessibility issues in documents uploaded to Canvas. Learn more about all of the accessibility tools available in Canvas.

Qualtrics Embedded Data Update

The Qualtrics integration with Canvas has been updated to make it easier for faculty to create embedded data fields in Qualtrics that will automatically pull in Canvas data. The process can now be fully managed from within Canvas.

ReadSpeaker Removed

ReadSpeaker is no longer available at Oregon State and the integration has been removed from Canvas. Faculty may need to remove broken ReadSpeaker links from modules and replace information about ReadSpeaker with information about Ally.