Starting fall Top Hat logo term 2018, Top Hat will be OSU's centrally supported student response system. Top Hat is a web-based service for classroom polling and attendance that supports a variety of teaching and learning modalities. Students use a personal device (phone, tablet or laptop) to respond to questions. Top Hat integrates with Canvas so that faculty can upload polling results to the grade book.
What this transition means:
  • Many transition support services are available now for OSU faculty;
  • Top Hat staff can transfer instructors' Turning questions / PowerPoint slides into the new format
    • On-site support during the first week of the term
    • Train the trainer sessions for OSU staff and faculty who lead/support teams of instructors
    • The OSU clicker team will offer pedagogical strategies for instructors who have concerns about students using personal devices in class.

There is not a mandate to use Top Hat. The OSU clicker team will not be able to provide the same level of support for Turning as we have before.

Stayed tuned for more information!

Getting started:

Make an appointment with Kristina Wyton, our dedicated support person at Top Hat by submitting a ticket, and we will intiate a request.







There will still be Turning Technologies DevicesTurning Technologies QT & QT2 devices with a full ergonomic QWERTY keyboards, along with the ResponseCard NXT for legacy users in classes that continue to use TurningPoint. 

Clickers for non-curricular uses may be accessed from our Student Multimedia Services team. Simply submit their Equipment Request Form to arrange a clicker reservation. Clickers can be picked up at the Student Multimedia Desk which is located in The Valley Library at the long, semi-circular counter to your right immediately as you enter the library.  Then schedule a time with us to provide training by submitting a request.