Faculty Support

Clickers for non-curricular use in areas of little to no Wi-Fi can be checked out from the library. 
Simply submit an Equipment Request Form to arrange a clicker reservation. Clickers can be picked up at the Student Multimedia Desk located in the Valley Library at the long, semi-circular counter to your right immediately as you enter the library.  Then schedule a time with us to provide training by emailing us at classroom.response@oregonstate.edu.

To update the software on your receiver or desktop:
  1. Download TurningPoint 8.5x
  2. Select the appropriate version of TurningPoint Desktop. PC users should download the No-Install version.
  3. After the download is finished, double click on the file, extract it to your flash drive or desktop. If you are a MAC user, drag the file to your flash drive or your Application folder.
    • The software will begin installing the new version on your flash drive/desktop.
    • Once finished, a message will prompt you to click OK, then go to your flash drive/desktop.
    • A new folder labeled TurningPoint App will appear, open it and run the software from there.
    • It will prompt you to login, then inform you that once you move to the new version you can no longer use the old one, click Continue.
    • It will import all of your settings and previous data. After you finish you can delete the older folder labeled TurningPoint Cloud.

Be sure to have the same version that is on your system also on your receiver, if you are running the software from your laptop / tablet, instead of directly from the receiver. If you are experiencing issues with this, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you already have 8.2 you need to update to the next release.

  1. Open TurningPoint
  2. Select the Turning Logo located at the bottom center of the TurningPoint dashboard
  3. Search for updates
  4. Install update (we recommend not opting for automatic updates)
Product update notes