Clickers made their debut on popular game shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire? so that audience members could be a part of the game.

Today, clickers can be used to transform the classroom into an interactive game show setting to add excitement, competition and collaborative learning to a student's learning experience.

TAC has created a couple PowerPoint templates which integrate student clickers directly into your favorite game shows. All the work has been done already; add questions and let the games begin!

Jeopardy Style

As closely related to the game show as possible, this template features a matrix of point values which correspond to individual questions. Selecting a point value will open polling for that particular question; advancing the slideshow will close polling and display the correct answer. The main screen has a dynamic leaderboard that will constantly update to reflect the most recent score distribution. A unique feature of this game is the Confidence Contest (analogous to the Daily Double), where participants can wager a percentage of their current points in their confidence about answering the next question correctly.

This game can either be played with teams of individual participants.


Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Style

This game template adds aesthetic variety to a linear series of questions. Each question is worth a different point value and participants aim to answer as many questions correctly as possible. At three different parts of the game participants have an option to wager a percentage of their current point in their confidence about answering the next question correctly. By answering all questions correctly - and having full confidence in their answers - participants can gain as many as sixty-five thousand points. The presentation concludes with a leaderboard showing the highest achieving participants and their respective scores.