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How do I create a student account in Top Hat through Canvas?

How do I create an instructor account in Top Hat?

Since most faculty will be integrating Top Hat with Canvas, it is essential that students use their ONID email to create their Top Hat account. The easiest way to create a Top Hat student account with your ONID email is to either click on a Top Hat link in an OSU Canvas course menu or to click on the registration link from a Top Hat course invitation sent by an OSU faculty member using Top Hat.

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Yes, you can choose to sync a single 'total course' grade from Top Hat or sync selected Top Hat folders as individual Canvas assignments.

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Yes, it is now possible to edit slides within Top Hat!  Top Hat announced they've partnered with Microsoft to allow for easy slide editing. 

Tip: This new feature is currently in beta. If you don’t see the "Edit in Powerpoint" option in your course, complete this beta sign-up form and Top Hat will give you the chance to try it.

Yes and no. Top Hat Attendance provides a 'geolocation' feature to prevent students from responding to attendance outside of a physical area. Top Hat questions do not have the geolocation feature so technically you cannot prevent students from responding to questions remotely. However, you can make it very difficult for students to respond correctly from a remote location.

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Note: geolocation is not applicable in the remote teaching environment.

The Top Hat Presentation Tool allows faculty to ask impromptu questions.

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Note: this feature can still be used while teaching remotely. Please speak with your Top Hat instructional designer for tips on using impromptu questions for your remote course.

For in-person classes, yes, while it isn't possible to avoid all connectivity issues, Top Hat has several features that faculty can enable or request to be enabled to help minimize student connectivity issues.

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For remote class sessions in Zoom, if students are experiencing issues with a low-bandwidth connection, share these tips for improving their Zoom experience.

Instructors can see how changes you make to your course affect the student view by creating a Test Student account.  Read instructions in this article on the Top Hat website for creating a Test Student account or watch this recorded webinar to walk through the steps

Note: you can avoid the student paywall--just send an email to [email protected] from your ONID email address and request an 'access key' to use for setting up a Test Student account.

Instructors can view questions they create in Top Hat from the perspective of a student in order to confirm that the question is formatted correctly and try out submitting a response as a student would. Find instructions for doing so in this Top Hat support article.

For courses that require students to calculate numerical responses using formulas, Top Hat's Formula Question, exclusive to Pages and Test, allows instructors to offer a different number for students to use for calculating the formula so that no one gets the same question! Check out this Top Hat support article for instructions on setting up a Formula Question.