- Have you submitted your requisition to the Beaver Store?

Enter a requisition with the Beaver Store adoption submission function: SKU = 20036737, Author = TOP HAT, Title = Classroom.

- Is Top Hat listed on your syllabus?

We have created a statement about Top Hat that you are invited to use (or adapt) in your syllabus.

- Have you enabled the Top Hat tool menu link in Canvas?

This is the best way for students to connect directly to the corresponding Top Hat course.  To enable follow these steps: 1) Click Settings at the bottom of your Canvas course menu; 2) Click the Navigation tab near the top of the Settings page; 3) Enable the Top Hat menu (near the bottom of the list). 4) Click Save at the bottom of the page.

- Have you made the previous term's Top Hat course unavailable?

This way students will not mistakenly add an older course by means of searching for it.  To edit the course settings, enter the previous course, click on your name in the upper right header, and select "Course Settings."  Under "General Settings" scroll to the bottom, and under Course Availability, select Unavailable (students cannot join), and Save Changes.

- Have you setup your Canvas sync properly?

Under the 'LMS Setup & Sync' tab in Course Settings you can customize the specific options after you have synced with your Canvas course. Click on the blue 'Edit' link associated with each option in the sync configurations box. It is important to change the grades to display as points, as the default percentage option will convert the grades into an overall percentage score out of 100% when reported from Top Hat.

- Have you added your TA?

Before you will be able to add a TA, they will need to have created a Top Hat professor account. To add them click on your name in the upper right had corner, and select "Add Professor." In the field provided, type the email address associated with the TA's account, then click "Add Professor" and "Save & Close." See this guide for more support:  https://support.tophat.com/s/article/Professor-Adding-a-Professor-or-Teaching-Assistant-to-a-Course

- Have you enabled settings to prevent students from responding to questions outside of class?

Go to your Top Hat course settings > Advanced Options > check the option 'Students cannot view the details of a presented question, they can only see the response options (students will need to see the question projected on a screen)'. See this FAQ for more information.

    - Have you shared these instructions with your students on how they should register their Top Hat account?

    - Have you shared the support options with your students?

    If any of these approaches apply to you please contact us so we can ensure you have a successful experience.

    • Will you be using the Top Hat Presentation Tool to toggle between your lecture content in (PowerPoint) and your polling questions in Top Hat?
      • If so do you plan on using the classroom Mac computer?
    • Does your course have multiple sections?
    • Do you plan on using the Attendance functionality?
      • And will that be a factor in your grading?
    • Are you planning on teaching with a tablet?
    • Do you use high resolution images on your polling slides?