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Need assistance getting started, make an appointment with Vanessa Destounis, our dedicated training specialist at Top Hat by submitting a support request to us.  We will intiate a consultation or answer any questions you have with transitioning from TurningPoint to Top Hat.

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Login to create a Top Hat Account - Chrome is the recommended browser

Top Hat's classroom response system is free of charge to instructors. Students are required to purchase a subscription in order to use the product. Purchasing a subscription enables a student to use Top Hat with an unlimited number of active courses (occurring during the subscription period).

Beaver Store Requisiton - Faculty use the adoption submission function: SKU = 20036737, Author = TOP HAT, Title = Classroom. 

Top Hat Support - https://support.tophat.com/s/

Hours: 9AM - 9PM EST
Phone: +1 (888) 663-5491
Email: support@tophat.com

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