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Getting Started with Clickers

Top Hat is the centrally supported classroom or student response system (SRS). These systems are commonly referred to as 'clickers'. Content on this page is specific to Top Hat. If you are an OSU faculty member still using Turning Technologies clickers in your classroom, please refer to our Turning Technologies documentation. Faculty can find resources to share with their students on our Top Hat Student Support page.

Top Hat includes a small collection of tools that are free for faculty to use:

  • Classroom: Take in-class attendance, launch discussions and questions during lecture, and get real-time feedback
  • Assignment: Create, personalize and assign homework with auto-grade capabilities
  • Textbook: Adopt and customize interactive textbooks and course materials from Top Hat
  • Test: Administer tests and quizzes in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment, using Top Hat’s proprietary lock-out capabilities

Students must purchase a Top Hat license to use their Top Hat account in courses. Students can purchase a Top Hat license directly through Top Hat or through the OSU Beaver Store. The standard Top Hat license allows students to interact with an instructor's Top Hat Classroom and Assignment tools. Students may need to pay for access to an instructor's Top Hat Textbook, and students are required to purchase a separate license to interact with an instructor's Top Hat Test tool.

Top Hat Account Creation

Faculty interested in using Top Hat in their courses should begin by taking the following actions:

Add Top Hat to a Course

Faculty who are planning on using Top Hat in their course(s) should:

  • Add Top Hat to their course materials requisition form with the OSU Beaver Store
    • SKU: 20036737
    • Author: TOP HAT
    • Title: Classroom
  • Add Top Hat to their Canvas course menu
    • Log in to Canvas and navigate to course
    • Click Settings, then Navigation
    • Locate Top Hat in the list of disabled tools and enable Top Hat
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

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Using Clickers

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