Academic Technologies Webinars-Spring '23

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Interactive Assessments with Top Hat pages (5/18, Noon -1:00 Pm)  

On Thursday, May 18th at noon, join the Interactive Assessments with Top Hat Pages webinar to learn how to extend engagement outside of class and build interactivity into every assignment. Registration required. Email us at [email protected]  

Top Hat listen and Learn (5/25, Noon-1:15 Pm)  

This is a drop-in session. Come describe how you use Top Hat in teaching, provide feedback to Top Hat representatives—what works well for you, what doesn’t work well, what should be improved to meet your needs in teaching. Registration required. Email us at [email protected]  


Recorded Academic Technologies Webinars

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Canvas Webinars

Kaltura Webinars

Top Hat Webinars

Gradescope Webinars

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