Taking an exam in general can be stressful for many, and taking an exam in a new format can add to that stress. We recognize that this is a new situation and want to offer some information to help you prepare for using Proctorio during some of your upcoming exams. You should be able to tell from the course syllabus and course information on Canvas whether or not Proctorio is required for a course. If the proctoring requirements are unclear, ask your instructor.

Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below.

  • Can I use my phone, laptop or Chromebook with Proctorio?
    You can use a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer, but you cannot use an iPad or other mobile device. See Proctorio's system requirements. If you will not have access to a device that will work with Proctorio, please notify your instructor as soon as possible. 
  • How does it work? 
    Proctorio requires students to use a supported browser and installation of the Proctorio extension. Proctorio is active when you log in to the exam and becomes inactive when you log out. There is not a person watching you take your exam in real time. During the exam, the system captures information about your testing session and sends your video and other data to your instructor for review. Proctorio flags activity that might not be allowed, but does not pass any judgement on the flags; rather, your instructor will be able to review the video and data to decide if any action is necessary.
  • What do I need to do to get ready to use Proctorio?
    Ensure that you have access to a device that meets the system requirements, and that you are using a supported browser with the Proctorio extension installed. Students do not have to pay to use Proctorio. You may find it helpful to install and set up the extension prior to the exam in case you need additional time to troubleshoot. During the exam, there is a Live Chat help feature in the Proctorio extension to access help as well. There are steps and 24/7 technical help available through Proctorio Support.
  • What data does Proctorio collect?
    Before you begin the exam, Proctorio collects your first name, last name, OSU email address, and a photo of the ID, if required. During the exam, Proctorio uses the camera and microphone on your device to record your testing environment. Proctorio also requires you to share your screen to record the activity on your computer during the exam session.Some instructors may use the “room scan” setting which asks you to show a scan of the room using the webcam prior to the start of the exam.
  • What happens if parts of my exam are flagged? How can the recording impact my grade?
    Once a student completes their exam, the recording is uploaded to the cloud. Faculty have access to each student's recording and can choose to review it or not. The flags may be an indicator to faculty of a recording they want to review. They will use that recording along with other information about the exam to decide if they think a violation of the Academic Misconduct policy may have occurred. Instructors cannot penalize your grade until the academic misconduct process has concluded. To learn more about the Academic Misconduct process, visit the Student Conduct and Community Standards website.
  • I can't control my environment, or I may experience interruptions during testing (family, phone calls, children, etc.). What can I do? If you anticipate interruptions during a test, please discuss your concerns with your instructor as soon as possible. Letting them know about interruptions during testing may help them understand what they see if they choose to review your exam recording. 
  • I feel like recording me and my environment is an invasion of privacy. What can I do?
    Remember that your instructor will be the individual reviewing your Proctorio session information and recording, not Proctorio staff. If you are concerned about your instructor's requirements when it comes to using Proctorio, please discuss your concerns with your instructor as early as possible in the course. They may have other options available to you. If you do not feel like you are being heard in your concerns, you may connect with the Office of Advocacy. You may also want to review Proctorio's privacy design.
  • What if my Internet stops or is inconsistent during an exam?
    Canvas auto-saves your exam responses a few times every minute. If your Internet connection is lost, Canvas will warn you, but allow you to continue working on your exam. If the lost connection is brief, it’s unlikely that you will lose all your work, or the evidence that you were doing work. A lost internet connection may cause your Proctorio session to end or lock; in this scenario, you’ll need to re-navigate to the exam and “resume” to start a new Proctorio session.
  • I experience anxiety when recorded and when taking tests. What can I do? What about in cases where I don't have a documented disability and Proctorio is a mitigating factor?
    If you have any concerns about the impact of Proctorio on your ability to successfully complete the exam, please contact your instructor as early as possible in the term to identify strategies and solutions.
  • What happens to my data after the exam?
    Proctorio uses zero-knowledge encryption technology that ensures your information is encrypted when it leaves your computer, is transferred, and then stored in the cloud. Proctorio cannot access the recordings, only authorized school officials can review the recordings. Recordings are stored for one year (366 days) after the last attempt.
  • Proctorio is basically malware/spyware, isn’t it?  
    No. Spyware indicates that the program is secretly stealing information from the owner of the device without the user knowing. Proctorio displays details of all permissions that are required to access a Proctorio exam before entering the exam. You can uninstall the browser extension after the exam (you'll need to re-install it before your next Proctorio exam). Please refer to browser documentation for disabling or uninstalling extensions from the browser.