Canvas provides the basic tools many faculty need to manage their courses. However, faculty are often looking for more functionality or features that Canvas doesn't have. Many third-party applications can integrate with Canvas to expand the array of technical tools available to faculty. A list of supported tools currently integrated with Oregon State Canvas are listed below. A list of non-supported tools is also provided, but be warned that there are no resources on campus to help you use the tools. Some of the non-supported tools are currently free to use, while others may require a college, department, instructor and/or student to pay for tool usage.

Supported Tools

  • Gradescope: Suite of tools to improve grading consistency, objectivity, and efficiency.
  • Turnitin: Plagiarism/originality checker
  • Threadz: Canvas discussion analytics
  • TopHat: Classroom response system/'clickers'
  • Accessibility Check: Tool to check for common accessibility issues in Canvas
  • NameCoach: Name pronunciation and preferred pronoun recording tool
  • ReadSpeaker and TextAid: Suite of tools to improve content accessibility for all students
  • Publisher Content: Resources provided by a variety of textbook publishers

Non-Supported Tools