Your Canvas course sites may be simple or complex, depending on how your instructors have set them up. Here are 5 things that are good for every OSU student to know about Canvas.

1. Where do I find my course?

You can log into Canvas at; links to Canvas are on Online Services and top-level OSU Web pages. Your course site will be accessible to you once your instructor publishes it.

2. How can I set up my profile and notification preferences?

3. Where do I submit my assignments? How can I see my grades?

  • In your course site, check Modules for course content, such as assignments, course files, readings, etc.
  • If your instructor has created assignments in Canvas, you may be able to submit the assignments online. Open the assignment, and look for the Submit Assignment link.
  • You can view grades for all of your courses using the View Grades button on the bottom right of the Canvas Dashboard. There’s also a Grades link in each course site’s navigation menu. There are many places for you to view instructor comments on your work.
  • You can enter What-if grades for ungraded assignments to see what the impact may be on your total course grade. Just click in the empty grade field and enter a score. Be sure to clear the score when you are.

4. How do I Take a Quiz or Test?

Your instructor may set up quizzes or tests in your Canvas course site. To reduce the possibility of technical problems, here are some good practices to follow:

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies (Mac or PC). This reduces the chance that older web pages or data may interfere with your quiz responses.
  • Turn off browser extensions or use an incognito browser to take the quiz. This reduces issues with image and video display.
  • Take the quiz from a wired (not wireless) Internet connection. This lowers your chance of losing data if the connection drops for some reason Canvas does save your data if you lose connection, but better to be safe than sorry.
  • Plan to complete the quiz or test in one session.

5. How can I get help if I have questions?

  • Check out the online Canvas Student Guide.
  • All OSU Canvas users can get technical Canvas Support 24 x 7 x 365. Click the Help button in the leftmost menu in Canvas. You’ll see options for accessing online instructions, live support via phone or chat, and an option to report a problem via email.
  • If you are up against a deadline and are experiencing technical issues, contact Canvas Support through the Help button in Canvas immediately. They can generally help you resolve the issue in the moment and, if not, there is now a record of the issue and the attempt to resolve it that you share with your instructor.