Before faculty submit a request for automated remote proctoring, please refer to our faculty Q & A and student Q & A, and then review the following requirements of the proctoring service. Faculty must submit the request two weeks prior to the date of the first exam to use Proctorio in the course. After the request is submitted, the OSU Canvas support team will contact Disability Access Services (DAS) so they can review whether any additional accommodations may be necessary for students with DAS accommodations in your course.

It is highly recommended that faculty create a no- or low-stakes 'practice quiz' with Proctorio enabled for students to take prior to the real exam. This will allow students to become familiar with how to use Proctorio on their computer and resolve any technical issues prior to the real exam in the course.

Frequent, low-stakes assessments, such as weekly quizzes, are a valuable part of a course assessment plan. Proctorio use is best limited to higher-stakes assessments in which proctoring is felt to be essential to support academic integrity.

Faculty and students will need to install and use the Proctorio extension in a supported browser in order to interact with Proctorio. When the Proctorio extension is correctly installed in the browser, the "Secure Remote Proctoring" course menu item will disappear. This is an indicator faculty and students can use to verify that they have successfully installed and enabled the Proctorio extension.

Proctorio Requirements and Limitations

  • Your course must not be an Ecampus course (if you're teaching an Ecampus course please visit the Ecampus faculty site).
  • Your exam must already be a Canvas Quiz, or you must be willing to convert your exam to a Canvas Quiz.  Proctorio cannot be used for paper exams.
    • File Upload questions should not be used for technical reasons.
    • Students will have limited ability to enter mathematical or chemical equations. If the answer cannot be entered using simple keyboard strokes, consider removing or altering the question.
  • Note that if your exam makes use of additional resources e.g., an open-book exam or a notes pages, you will lose some 'proctoring power' if you elect to do so.
    • Proctorio offers a calculator (basic or scientific) and/or whiteboard for students to use during the exam, if needed.
  • You will need to set Proctorio settings on your exam(s) in Canvas using the instructor guide of recommended settings (will be provided after submitting request).
  • You will need to communicate Proctorio technical requirements and the exam workflow to your students.
  • You will need to survey your students to determine who has access to a webcam/microphone setup.
    • Students who have a working webcam/microphone will use the full version of Proctorio which includes audio/video recording.
    • Students who do not have a working webcam/microphone will need to be assigned to a separate version of the exam that includes the recommended test security measures minus audio/video recording.
  • You will need to be prepared to work with DAS staff on accommodations for students who may not be able to test in Proctorio or who are more likely to have flagged exams (e.g., leaving the room during the exam to manage a disability-related issue, or having background audio because they are using a screen reader).
  • Once the exam is over, you can review the Proctorio report and flagged items using the Proctorio instructor review guide (will be provided after submitting request).

Submit Automated Remote Proctoring Request Form - You must be logged in to Google with your OSU ONID credentials to submit the form. If you need help submitting the form, please contact [email protected]