The Learn@OregonState Advisory Committee guides the design, implementation and development of the Learn@OregonState ecosystem in alignment with OSU’s strategic goals as defined by the Instructional Technology Governance Committee (ITGC).   Taskforces may be formed to advance specific Learn@OregonState needs or applications. The Learn@OregonState Advisory Committee reports to the ITGC.


The responsibilities of the advisory committee include:

  • Guiding the successful expansion of the Learn@OregonState ecosystem through development of best practices, needs assessment, policy creation, and ongoing support requirements.
  • Guiding the design, implementation and ongoing development of learning analytics related to the Learn@OregonState ecosystem (Identify data types, points, paths and repositories) in response to campus strategic requests and needs.
  • Guiding the design, implementation and ongoing development of strategies and practices related to sharing digital learning resources.
  • Advising the OSU Instructional Governance Committee on OSU’s needs, interests and requirements related to Learn@OregonState solutions architecture.
  • Coordinating and managing campus communications and faculty engagement related to Learn@OregonState initiatives

Committee Membership

Committee Minutes

Processes and Request Forms