Turnitin (plagiarism prevention tool) Guides

Recommended syllabus statement when using Turnitin in your course:

"Your instructor may ask you to submit one or more of your writing assignments to the Canvas-Turnitin plagiarism prevention service. Your assignment will be checked for potential plagiarism against Internet sources, academic journal articles and the papers of other students. Turnitin generates a report that highlights any potentially unoriginal text in your paper.  Papers that you submit through Turnitin for this class or any class will be added to the OSU Turnitin database and may be checked against other OSU paper submissions.  You will retain all rights to your written work."

Consider including links to the following two references in your assignment instructions:


Academic integrity resources for OSU students

Academic integrity resources for OSU instructors

Instructors may report an issue directly to Turnitin support at 1-866-816-5046 ext. 241. (Not 24/7)

Students may contact OSU's Service Desk to report Turnitin issues (or call 541-737-8787)