If Canvas or any of the services integrated with it are unavailable, we report it here. This can help Canvas users determine if there was a system-level issue that prevented students from accessing or submitting resources on Canvas.

February 28, 2017: 

At 9:40 AM PST, Canvas users in US-hosted accounts began to experience significant slowness and error messages in Canvas. Automated monitoring alerted the Canvas DevOps team immediately, and an influx of Support tickets confirmed that the issue was widespread and impacting users in a meaningful way.

DevOps quickly worked through their protocol for triaging critical system issues. They ruled out everything to do with Canvas itself and noted signs of system stress that pointed to a problem in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting environment. They also noticed problems with many non-Canvas websites and web applications that are also hosted on AWS. About this time, AWS confirmed that the problem was on their side with the first of a series of updates on their own status page. Canvas services were restored by approx. 3:00 pm PST.