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Canvas is a learning management system (LMS), which is a web-based platform for course material, assignments, grades, communication, and all activities related to teaching and learning. Log into Canvas to access materials and information related to the courses you are currently taking at OSU.


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 “Clickers” are a response system that allows instructors to pose questions and problems that you respond to using a device (physical remote, mobile device, or laptop). Group results may be immediately displayed for review and recorded for grading. To ensure that you obtain credit for your clicker participation, make sure to register your device before using it in class!


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Kaltura is an open-source cloud based media platform for audio and video content. You may upload media content of any length or size to Kaltura and control whether the media will be public for all to see or restricted. There is no cost to you for the use of the Kaltura platform.


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The traditional college textbook has expanded into a range of online media and interactive resources designed to support individual learning. Several major publishers provide online resources that are integrated with Canvas, thereby contributing to the rich learning ecosystem for students and instructors.


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TurnItIn is a web-based service that identifies passages in papers that match passages in other sources, such as websites, articles in scholarly journals, and other student papers. TurnItIn Originality Reports highlight passages of matching text. Use Turnitin to help guide revision of early drafts and avoid plagiarism in your work.