You must register your clicker on Canvas before using it in class.

  • Go to Canvas
  • Login with your OSU ONID username and password.
  • Navigate to the left sidebar menu of the Canvas dashboard.
  • Click on Account > Settings > Turning Clicker Registration
  • If you are prompted again, login with ONID username and password.
  • Click on Getting Started
  • Enter your subscription code in the field provided, click¬†Redeem, then Continue.
  • Enter the Clicker ID in the field provided, click Add, then Continue.
  • The check confirms you are connected to your LMS!

To add a license:

  • Click on the box, type the license code on your card, click Redeem.

To add a device:

  • Click on the box, type device ID, click Add.

Under Profile you should now see green checkmarks beside each item (License, Clicker, Learning Management System).