In Canvas you will open your new course site and import content from an existing one into it. You can import an entire course, or select specific content.

  1. Open the new course.
  2. Click Settings at the bottom of the course navigation menu.
  3. Click the Import Content into this Course button on right side of page.
  4. Drop down the Content Type menu and select Copy a Canvas Course.
  5. Select the course from the dropdown menu. If you have a lot of courses, start typing the name in the Search field to populate the list.
  6. Click the All Content button (see links below if you want to import specific assignments, quizzes, etc.).
    • If you want to adjust due dates in your new site, watch the video on importing a course (link below).
  7. Click Import. You can see import progress and status on the lower half of the page.
  • Once the import is complete, click the course link to open it. If you don't see any new content, go back to step 5 and select the correct course.
  • If you imported the wrong course or want to start fresh, click Settings > Reset Course Content to wipe everything out.

Illustrated handout on course import

Video on importing a course (3:04)

Video on importing specific content (5:14)