Add a TA, Designer or Observer to your Canvas course site

Instructors may add a TA, Designer, or Observer via the Manage Assistants link on the course navigation menu.

Click the Add Assistants tab and search (for ONID, first or last name)

If your assistant has recent FERPA training on file you can add them as a “Canvas TA.” If no FERPA training is on file, click the Train for TA button, and an email will be generated with a link your assistant can use to complete the training. Once the assistant’s training is on file (typically 1-2 business days), you can add them as a “Canvas TA.” FERPA training is not required for Designers.

Check out our brief how-to video.

TA’s have full access to the course and gradebook. Designers can add/edit course content, but have no discussion board or gradebook access. Observers have read-only access to published content (they can view and download files, and see assignments and quiz descriptions); no access to discussions, roster or gradebook.

Don't see the Manage Assistants menu link? It may be hidden. On the left-side course menu click Settings > Navigation, and enable the menu link. Don't forget to Save (button at the bottom of the page)!