Clicker Support

Summer term 2017 registration support is available in 466 Learning Innovation Center (LINC) M-F, 9am-5pm.

You must register your clicker on Canvas before using it in class.

  1. After purchasing your QT2 clicker from the OSU Beaverstore.
  2. Go to Canvas
  3. Navigate to the left sidebar menu of the Canvas dashboard.
  4. Click on Account > Settings > Turning Clicker Registration
  5. Login using your OSU email address (ONID)

If you get stuck anywhere in the process please feel free to contact us for assistance / to make an appointment or refer to the guides below.


  • Student Registration Guide [pdf]  [pptx]
  • Questions & Answers about Turning clickers for students [pdf]  [pptx]


First Time Clicker Account Setup

Adding Device ID for: missing clicker, temporary loaned or newly purchased clicker

Adding License for: non-bookstore clicker bundle, expired license, pre 2013 purchase