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Our team will walk you step-by-step through the TurningPoint polling software. Learn how to successfully navigate through the software including presentation basics, instructor features and student-driven Turning Accounts. We will cover the most commonly utilized features at OSU in order to facilitate engagement and testing. To set up a time for an orientation please contact a member of our training team.

Webinars, Tutorials & Guides on Polling Pedagogically

User Guides

  • TurningPoint 8 Instructor Manual [pdf]

Best Practices

  • Applying Learning Theories with Turning Point [html]
  • 4 Steps to Integrate Turning Point into your Lecture [html]
  • 9 Pedagogies You Need to Know for Student Success [pdf]
  • 12 Ways to Ask Effective Questions [pdf]
  • Importance of Tracking Student Attendance [pdf]
  • Writing Fill in the Blank/Short Answer Questions [pdf]
  • Writing Multiple Choice Questions [pdf]
  • Blog on diverse methods in utilizing response systems  [html]
  • Case studies on applications of response systems [html]
  • Guide to the Effective use of Clickers in Teaching at UBC [html]
  • Preventing Academic Integrity Violations with Clickers at UA [html]


  • Gamification and Demographics with TurningPoint [video]
  • Register for TurningPoint Training Webinars [html]
  • Featured Distinguished Faculty Webinars [html]


  • Turning Point Quick Video Tutorials [html]
  • PowerPoint Polling Competitions [video]
  • PowerPoint Polling Word Cloud [video]
  • Team Based Learning [video]  Getting Started with TBL [html] The Science of Teams [html]
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