What are Clickers?

Clickers, also known as audience response systems are wireless hand-held devices used to conduct student participation in the classroom, often to credit attendance and measure understanding. The instructor poses questions via a slide during the lecture and students respond by entering their answer on their clicker device. The device transmits the entry to a receiver attached to the instructor's computer which gathers and compiles the data into a chart. This chart can be instantly displayed on screen, along with the correct answer choice. This provides both student and instructor with valuable real time feedback. Turning Technologies DevicesOSU uses the Turning Technologies QT & QT2 devices with a full ergonomic QWERTY keyboards for easy text input. The ResponseCard NXT for legacy users is still supported.

Start now:

  • Training for: classes, workshops, conferences, group meetings and online.
  • Support for: in class and out of class to ensure your success using clickers.

We recommend that all instructors & GTAs receive training prior to using clickers in class.

We provide instructor clicker kits.  And clickers for non-curricular uses may be accessed from our Student Multimedia Services team. Simply submit their Equipment Request Form to arrange a clicker reservation. Clickers can be picked up at the Student Multimedia Desk which is located in The Valley Library at the long, semi-circular counter to your right immediately as you enter the library.

Please request support from the Clicker Team using the button below.

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