Why Canvas? Results from Live Course Testing

During the Spring 2014 term, OSU embarked on an unprecedented product evaluation whereby the entire OSU teaching and learning community was invited to access online learning environments and provide feedback on the products' performance.

The following results were from surveys conducted by Live Course testers following a full term of use.

Canvas better meets the University's learning expectations

In 2012, the Teaching & Learning Expectations Task Force developed nine functional expectations for the process of teaching and learning. Following the live course evaluation, instructors rated Canvas higher than Blackboard 14 for all statistically significant results.

Canvas outperformed Blackboard 14 in student testing

Of the six testing measures rated by students as being the most important for their online learning experience, Canvas outperformed Blackboard 14 on five of the six measures.

Instructor Ratings - Creating & Organizing Content

Instructors rated Canvas considerably higher than Blackboard 14 on all measures for creating and organizing content

Instructor Ratings - Grading & Tracking Student Performance

Here, Canvas and Blackboard 14 each showed strengths and weaknesses.

Instructor Ratings - Communication & Collaboration

Instructors rated Canvas higher than Blackboard 14 on most functions involving communication and collaboration.