Blackboard was used exclusively in Fall 2014, and was available through December 2015 as OSU transitioned to Canvas. Canvas was brought online for a selection of "early adopter" courses in Winter 2015. Starting with Spring 2015 and then continuing for Summer 2015 and Fall 2015, instructors were encouraged to use Canvas (some exceptions applied; see below). The transition team worked closely with instructors to prepare for the new Canvas throughout the migration.

Exceptions to the migration schedule were possible, and were coordinated via College and Department migration liaisons; please see the FAQ's tab in this site for more details.

INTO OSU: INTO OSU courses migrated to Canvas in F2015. This schedule allowed us time to accommodate technical features that are unique to these courses.

Organization sites: Canvas "Studio sites" were rolled out in September F2015.

PACE and Extension: Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) courses were transitioned to Canvas starting in December 2015. Canvas is also available for Extension courses.