The Learning Platform Services and Ecampus teams have prepared reference guides on Canvas, Kaltura, TurnItIn and more. See links farther down this page, and check out our upcoming and recorded webinars.

Getting Started with Canvas

Add a TA, Designer or Observer to your Canvas course site

Canvas Checklist - Proof Your Course Site

Example Canvas course sites

Manage the Canvas dashboard - video

Interactive Guide to Canvas - Get a quick look at must-have Canvas features 

5 Things for OSU students to know about Canvas


Build your Canvas site and add content

Canvas templates - import a pre-formatted structure for your Canvas course

Change your default email address

Copy a Canvas course - handout

Copy a Canvas course - video

Cross-listed and combined courses - all about X001 and C001 sites

Groups in Canvas

5 Things for OSU instructors to know about quizzes


Grades and Assignments

Access to past-term Canvas course sites

Assignments and grades in Canvas

Create a Canvas assignment - brief video

Create final letter grade column/assignment in Canvas

Peer Review in Canvas

Threadz - Discussion board visualization tool

Adaptive release

Upload Canvas grades to Online Services (Banner)


Add media to Canvas sites

Kaltura MediaSpace and Canvas

Kaltura media in Canvas overview - video

Upload media to Canvas  - handout

Upload media to Canvas - video

Kaltura media recording tools - handout

Kaltura media usage analytics  - handout

Kaltura media usage analytics - video


Accessibility tools for Canvas



Brief video on adding TextAid to a Canvas module


More resources

Studio sites in Canvas - request your own Canvas site for collaboration or experimentation

Training and resources for Ecampus instructors

Teaching Hybrid in Extension Toolbox - A set of Canvas learning modules for teaching hybrid Exension courses


Plagiarism prevention

TurnItIn FAQ's for Instructors

Enable TurnItIn on a Canvas assignment

Access originality report and leave feedback for student

Student guide to submitting TurnItIn assignments

Student guide to TurnItIn originality reports and instructor feedback

Student troubleshooting guide for Turnitin


A New Canvas User Interface arrived on June 15! 

Video tour of the new user interface
Three things to know about the new user interface
Detailed reference guide on the new user interface

Blackboard courses from the following prior terms were bulk-migrated to Canvas:

Fall 2013 (on-campus courses only)
Winter 2014
Spring 2014
Summer 2014
Fall 2014 (Ecampus courses only)