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New Faculty Training Portal!

Faculty and staff can access their university-required training through, a new employee training website for Oregon State University.

Picture of a woman doing a recording with her laptop

8 Tips for Lecture Capture on a Shoestring

Whether you're flipping your courses, creating videos to help your students understand specific concepts or recording lectures for exam review, these tips can help you optimize your production setup on a tight budget.

Dwaine Plaza

Podcast Episodes: Using Student-Produced Media as a Teaching Tool

Dwaine Plaza, a sociology instructor, had student groups make short videos using web-found materials in order to express their understanding of course themes.

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Tuesday Teaching Talks

Consider approaches for responding to student work by providing feedback that feeds forward student learning.…

Tuesday Teaching Talks

We will apply reflective practices as a catalyst to advance and celebrate teaching and learning while we celebrate success and survival.…
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